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#23 Kristy Best — How to Know If You're Dating a Narcissist

My guest on this episode, Kristy Best is the creator, writer, director, producer and star of 'How To Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist,' the new web series she spent years researching.

How To Date a Narcissist is available to watch on YouTube from March 5 at You’ll find a link in the show notes of this episode.

In this conversation Kristy explains how she came to leverage her hard earned experience in the world of dating into the concept and script for her first web series. She explains how quickly the writing and filming was done and then how she raised the funds and support to invest in proper post production and a well planned marketing roll out.

We talk about the show’s preview screening and how the feedback she received from women differed from the feedback she received from some men and we dig into stereotypes and gender expectations, especially in comedy.

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