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#22 Kirsty Stark — Reverse Engineer Your Way to Success

My guest on this episode, Kirsty Stark is a film and tv producer from Adelaide, South Australia. She runs her own company Epic Films and is the Development Producer for Matchbox Pictures, running their South Australian office.

In this conversation we track Kirsty’s journey from university, through her time in the camera department on film sets, to her realisation that she could have more influence on the stories that were being told on film by taking on the role of producer.

Just some of those stories include a post apocalyptic adventure series, a comedy series about an uber driver on the autism spectrum who’s looking for love and a transgender student’s first day at high school.

Kirsty describes how she has reverse engineered her way through what may have otherwise been insurmountable obstacles to get her projects made and why she chooses to keep her company in South Australia when others might move to Australia’s eastern states or even further afield.

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