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#24 Richard Pryor Jr. — In a Pryor Life

My Guest on this episode Richard Pryor Jr is a singer, actor, writer, director and now author of the new book “In a Pryor Life”.

If Richard’s name sounds familiar it’s because he is the first child of the actor and comedian whose name he bears. Richard Jr’s story of how he grew up amidst many of the same challenges that haunted his father - including abuse, an absent parent, alcohol and drug addictions - and yet somehow survived, is a tale that will inspire and give you hope that you can overcome just about anything.

In a Pryor Life is an incredible book - Richard introduces readers to the larger than life characters who populated his life in Peoria where he grew up with his mum, and the well known names he rubbed shoulders with when visiting his father in Los Angeles.

As an author he’s not afraid to lay himself bare, and the stories and anecdotes that Richard shares are honest, sometimes shocking and other times very funny. I thoroughly recommend the book as a fascinating read.

In this episode we touch on some of the stories from his early years and how they were influenced and shaped by his colourful family. We learn how he began to establish his own identity as a young adult, and how learning to love and accept himself on his own merits allowed him to push beyond his self destructive behaviour and live life on his own terms.

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