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#25 Mary Freer — Leading a Compassion Revolution

What’s one thing you could do that would make a difference for your audience, the people you want to change with your art?

That’s a question that’s been playing on my mind this week as I’ve been wondering about the role artists and creatives can play in divisive times like this, when people are in distress and communities are in pain.

My guest on this episode, Mary Freer, is a Social Change Maker who’s on a mission to create a Compassion Revolution.

Though the lens of a system she knows very well, Health Care, Mary is teaching people about compassion. How to offer compassion to the people around you, the people you seek to serve and to yourself.

She was the engine behind the social movement Change Day Australia which reached 146 000 people who all pledged to do one thing that could make a difference for the people they worked with. Whilst Mary works with more health care professionals than artists, she can teach us how making intentional small changes in how we approach our work can produce really big results.

I’ve got this idea that at any point of time, the world actually requires something of us. If we can work out what it is that the world requires and what we’re willing to give to the world and if there’s some beautiful little crossover there, then I think we’re in a wonderful kind of genius zone. - Mary Freer

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Freer Thinking website | Join the Revolution at Compassion Revolution | Mary’s TedX Talk

What’s one thing you could do that would make a difference for your audience, the people you want to touch with your art?


I think that’s the real secret to making change. Come up with an idea that’s actionable so people know that there’s an action that can take - but they need to be able to make it their own as well, and do something with it. - Mary Freer

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