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#26 Dobbs Franks — So, You Want to be a Musician?

My guest on this episode is the orchestral conductor, pianist, author, speaker and coach, Dobbs Franks.

Born in the hills of Arkansas, Dobbs has performed all over the world and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

He recently wrote “So You Want to be a Musician…unsolicited advice for aspiring musicians” a book filled with invaluable lessons and professional insights from a life devoted to the art of making music.


Dobbs earned a masters degree from Julliard, and has enjoyed a career spanning six decades conducting symphony, opera, ballet, music theatre and chamber ensembles. He has trained and encouraged young performers throughout his career.


In this conversation we talk about some of the themes from his book, learn how rather than him discovering his niche as a musician, the niche found him - and Dobb’s shares some wonderful anecdotes about the people and situations that have made up his career.

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