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#27 Angela Beeching — Helping Musicians Get Unstuck

My guest on this episode is Angela Beeching, a career coach who has helped thousands of musicians take their careers to the next level.

In both her consulting practice and through her work at institutions such as the Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory and Indiana University, Angela has helped musicians at all levels overcome obstacles, book more performances and build the lives they desire.

Her book Beyond Talent is full of advice, examples and practical tools to advance a career in music.

Notes and Links from this episode:

  • Why Angela decided to compile the answers to the questions she was most commonly asked by musicians and turn them into a this book
  • What initially being turned down by a number of publishers (before signing with Oxford University Press) taught her about rejection
  • Adam Grant's Work Life Podcast episode "Bouncing Back from Rejection"
  • The Tools and Coming Alive by Barry Michels and Phil Stutz
  • Read more about Resistance in Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art
  • What happens when you get the exact thing you wanted and worked towards, only to discover it's not what you thought it was going to be?
  • When is the right time to begin thinking about and planning how you might build your career?
  • Answering the artist's eternal dilemma "How do I describe myself?"
  • Try this exercise before taking your next promotional or headshot photos
  • Check out an example of great photography on Joshua Roman's website
  • Why getting clarity about how you want to market yourself and your work creates a better connection with your audience and better performances
  • Where music schools might be failing their students
  • Why the selling part of "selling out" isn't the problem. It's when you discover you've fallen out of integrity with why you became an artist that you need a reset to get back on track.
  • Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanney
  • Angela's book Beyond Talent - Creating a Successful Career in Music