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#19 Drew Wutke — God Is In The Details

My guest on this episode is the Music Director, Vocal Coach and Pianist, Drew Wutke.

If you’re in New York you’ll find Drew at his Wednesday evening residency at Marie’s Crisis Cafe, or working with another friend of the show as the resident musical director at the Jen Waldman Studio. Later this month you’ll find him in Houston as Musical Supervisor of the new musical “For Tonight”. Since moving to New York, Drew has become the first call vocal coach and music director for many artists and projects who are already working on Broadway or Broadway bound.

In this wide-ranging conversation Drew and I talk about the power of community and the importance of protecting spaces where people can feel safe to express themselves. We discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusivity, and Drew shares some advice he learned from Stephen Sondheim and Mother Teresa.

In this episode:

Photo Credit: Carlos David


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