• A podcast about the big and small ways artists can change the world.

    Discover the unconventional approaches that artists/creatives have developed to create unique results in their lives and careers. Learn how you can apply these ideas to transform your own work.

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    My guest on this episode is the orchestral conductor, pianist, author, speaker and coach, Dobbs Franks. Born in the hills of Arkansas, Dobbs has performed all over the world and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. He recently wrote “So You Want to be a Musician…unsolicited advice for...
    What’s one thing you could do that would make a difference for your audience, the people you want to change with your art? That’s a question that’s been playing on my mind this week as I’ve been wondering about the role artists and creatives can play in divisive times like this, when people are...
    My Guest on this episode Richard Pryor Jr is a singer, actor, writer, director and now author of the new book “In a Pryor Life”. If Richard’s name sounds familiar it’s because he is the first child of the actor and comedian whose name he bears. Richard Jr’s story of how he grew up amidst many...
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    Creativity is about carving out a space for exploration.


    The name Studio Time is inspired by the author Amy Whitaker who flags the idea that anyone, not just a working artist, can benefit from designated space and time to explore.


    To me, the studio is a place the artist holds as sacred. It’s where you do the work that moves you from where you are, towards the artist you hope to be. A studio can take many forms, from the big open and airy rehearsal space, to the table in the corner of the kitchen or bedroom at home that you put aside for your creative work.


    Time spent in the studio is designated purely for creativity, and when we’re in it we can set aside what is, and imagine what can be.


    The Studio Time podcast explores how you can be an artist in today’s world. What does it take to set aside the time and space to be creative? As the nature of work for people in all industries is changing, where do we stand as artists? Our business models and methods of distribution are in a state of flux - giving you the amazing opportunity to not only be creative about the work you make, but how you get it in front of your audience, the people you’re making it for.


    Spend an hour experiencing the world through someone else’s lens and think about how their lessons might be applicable to you.


    Hosted by Matthew Carey

    Teacher. Writer. Musical Director. Pianist.


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