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#60 Marijke van Veldhoven — Zoo You Mind?

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A note from Matthew, the host of Studio Time —

I've spent a lifetime helping creative colleagues make art they can be proud of. Now I want to take that a step further and help them make careers they can be proud of.

I learned a repeatable method to create an 

Audience by Design and I'm on a mission to share that with others. I’ve created a workshop for artists and creatives who have spent forever perfecting 'the show' and are now ready to get serious about the business.

My vision is to create a community of artists with careers that sustain them creatively, emotionally, and financially.

This 6-week workshop will help you build a loyal audience who wants to support and engage with the work that's meaningful to you. I believe it will fundamentally change your relationship with your fans and transform how you feel about your career.

Marijke van Veldhoven is an illustrator and cartoonist. For the past year and a half she’s been drawing comics about her life as a creative, capturing the feelings and the fears that we all experience. 

This week Marijke launches a kickstarter campaign to share a collection of 100 of those comics in a book called Zoo You Mind. We talk about how she got started as an artist, how receiving feedback from her audience gave her confidence to return to drawing comics, and what she learnt from asking for help. 

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