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#13 Michael McElroy — Connecting To Something Greater Than Yourself

My guest on this episode is Michael McElroy — actor, singer, teacher, music director and arranger and the founder of the choir Broadway Inspirational Voices.

Michael has appeared in the Public Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park and on Broadway in Rent, The Wild Party, Big River, Next to Normal and Sunday in the Park with George.

In this episode we learn how Michael’s family introduced him to the power of Gospel music from an early age and how he wrote and produced his first musical when he was in high school. He explains what it was like moving to New York City as the city and the theatre community was being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic and how he and 11 friends founded the group that became Broadway Inspirational Voices in order to raise money for the services his friends and colleagues so desperately needed.

Michael talks about his training as an actor and how in his position at the New School on Broadway at NYU he seeks to replicate the best of the education he received and reimagine the rest. His education and outreach work is continued through the programs that Broadway Inspirational Voices fund and facilitate in public schools and in partnership with Ronald McDonald House.

We’re in the midst of the Holiday Season as this episode is released and as soon as you’ve finished listening to Michael’s story, I urge you to go to wherever you download or stream your music and listen to the choir’s wonderful recordings. Search Broadway Inspirational Voices and fill your home with joy, hope and love. Happy Holidays to you all.