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#14 Em Grosland — Artist as Advocate

My guest on this episode is Em Grosland — actor, artist and advocate.

On Em’s website is the statement “I am passionate about work that challenges audiences, shifts paradigms, and serves to increase empathy in our culture.“ 

In this conversation you’ll hear how representing the truth of our own humanity in all its nuances as artists we can create space for others to do the same. There are lots of fun stories here, including those about pixie dust and Meryl Streep. But the thing that has stuck with me from this conversation is the idea of the artist as advocate. I think the thing that separates artists from entertainers is that artists are sharing ideas that they believe in and ideas that need a voice.

As we move into the new year, I invite you to think about your own work as you listen to this episode. What are you going to be an advocate for this year?

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In this episode:


Em Grosland website | instagram