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#36 Kieran Quinn — A Year of Wednesdays

My guest on this episode is the pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and writer, Kieran Quinn.

Based just outside of Sligo, in the north west of Ireland, Kieran is making music that everyone in town is talking about.

This interview was recorded toward the end of last year, on the release of his fourth album, “A Year of Wednesdays.”

We get to talk about that, and how he has created a tradition of musical Theme Nights that are a major feature of the musical landscape in Sligo.

In light of all that has changed since we spoke, Kieran will host Theme Night 26, ‘Ireland in Song’, online for the first time so you don’t have to be in Ireland to attend. Details are here on Kieran's facebook page. Tune out for the livestream on Thu April 23 at 8pm Dublin time (3pm NYC, Fri Apr 24 5am Sydney).

Find and follow Kieran online:

website | blog | instagram | youtube

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Bonus: Barb Jungr (from Studio Time ep 10) has just released a new song called "In My Troubled Days" which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music