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#16 Peter Shepherd — Running Towards The Bang

My guest on this episode, Peter Shepherd, is a human periscope: helping others see things they can't so that they can change their corner of the world.

Peter co-hosts The Long and The Short Of It - a podcast for the curious, with another Studio Time guest Jen Waldman. He is Head Coach of Seth Godin’s altMBA leadership and management workshop and he is the creator of REVEAL - a program for artists and creatives who are looking to make a change in the world, their work, their audience or themselves.

Instead of talking online, Peter and I recorded this episode face to face in Melbourne - which was a first for me - so you might notice that the audio sounds a little different. As someone who really enjoys The Long and The Short of It and the articles he writes at, I was pleased that we got to dig into some of Peter’s favourite themes and magic questions starting with how he thinks about Imposter Syndrome.

Peter hasn’t trained as an artist in the same way as some guests on this podcast, but I think the themes and questions we talk about in this episode are going to resonate with many of you listening, especially if you seek to grow and make a greater impact as you move through the world, however you choose to measure that impact.

In this episode we discuss:


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“People don’t change because you tell them to. People change because they fall in love with a different version of the future.”

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