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#29 Bradley McCaw — An Accidental Writer

My guest on this episode is the Australian performer, composer and playwright Bradley McCaw.

Bradley has performed his show "The Fastest Piano in the West" around the world as a headline cruise ship act, his musical "Becoming Bill" will have a brand new production at Brisbane's Powerhouse Arts this August, and he is about to launch the first season of his podcast "Making Musicals" which he recorded in a very intense ten day trip to New York.

Bradley and I talk about how the belief and encouragement of just one person can alter the trajectory of your career, we talk about the true value of prizes and awards, and how to choose projects that allow you develop specific skills that will then benefit your work globally.

In this episode:

  • understanding who is your bio for and what should it communicate to them
  • how the power of one person believing in the work you do and what you might create can alter the trajectory of your career
  • how to find the resilience to keep developing a project over many years and iterations until it finds its feet
  • how to recognise the signposts along your journey that direct you to keep going
  • the real value of prizes and awards
  • how to find projects that will give you the opportunity to develop specific skills that you can apply globally to the work you do
  • the value of having a collaborator who will push you to do better work and help you find
  • what having a predefined constraint can do for your creative process


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Book tickets for Becoming Bill - playing at Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Aug 14-25, 2019


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